Hey you, I’m Lani Yadegar…

A friend once told me that I have “truth fire”.  It made me smile and tear up…and I’m pretty sure this is a good thing for coaching:)

I live outside of the box when it comes to relationships.  I believe in being creative with our love.  I believe in breaking paradigms that aren’t working anymore or that never worked.  Paradigms that our culture signs up for and subscribes to without really choosing them (READ MORE)

Sometimes I think others can describe us better than we can describe ourselves.
A friend wrote this to me:

You have this deep tribal love for the humanness. The human spirit.
You have warrior in you.
You have family in you.
You have sisterhood in you.
You have tribe in you.
And you have rebellion in you.
Fuck the rules if they’re stupid rules.
You care about the whole group.
You’re aware.
You make art. Curvy sensual colorful art that feels good and doesn’t make me feel depressed like most art.
You love your man and appreciate him.

Professional Cred:

  • I got my CPCC (certified professional Co-Active coach) certification from The Coaches Training Institute.
  • I am a graduate of the Hakomi Institute of California’s two year Comprehensive Training in mindfulness based somatic psychotherapy.
  • I am an ongoing student of Jon Eisman and the Re-Creation of the Self Somatic Psychotherapy model
  • I am in my second year studying group systems and group facilitation with the Matrix Leadership Institute.
  • I have been in many, many, many relationships of all kinds:)

The Team

Megan Kaden, PsyD

A bit about me…

I approach life with humor, open-minded curiosity and a desire to form deep and meaningful connections.  Through self-exploration and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I have found a source of strength and wisdom in sensitivity and vulnerability.  I see the coaching process as one in which we will actively create a relationship that helps you design the relationships that you want.  I use sensitivity, creativity and intuition as the compass in all of my relationships to bring out my own and others’ truest selves.

The coaching relationship…

We will use humor, flexibility and creativity in our work together.  The relationship you and I form will serve as a foundation to allow you to make significant and lasting change in your life.  Our relationship can be a secure home base for you to make create the meaningful friendships or partnerships that you want and to explore how to expand to be your full self.  Learning to build fulfilling relationships with the people we choose is often a direct route to feelings of freedom and life satisfaction, and I am grateful to be on the journey with you.

Who I work with…

I have years of experience working with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Additionally, I have worked extensively with the LGBT, poly and fetish/kink communities, and in particular, with people facing questions about sexuality, gender identity and gender expression.  I invite people with any and all experiences and backgrounds to explore what Social Studio has to offer.

My training…

With a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and Bachelor’s degrees in clinical psychology and studio art from Smith College, the scope of my training runs from eastern to western philosophy, and across the globe.  I draw on these experiences to make every session challenging, supportive and beneficial, and to infuse our work with empathy and fun.


Tara Caffelle

A bit about me…

I am a writer, coach and heart-centred, walk-over-glass advocate for intimate connection and empowerment. I have a gift of seeing the truth and then supporting others in their empowerment and freedom-finding in it.

After surviving a series of traumatic losses, my work has alchemized to include the grief that is present with all life, both in the moments following a death, and the countless times that we must face beginnings and endings along the way.  

I’m Canadian and I love its wide-open spaces that offer silence and a connection with what is bigger than myself. I love hiking and cycling, and finding myself where my phone has no reception in my snowshoes. I love to cook, and aim to elevate barbecue fare with my own wacky flare.

I am happily living my second happily-ever-after; I met my first husband more than 20 years ago, we later divorced and I found myself happily playing in a poly world from which I emerged and found the sweet man with whom I now spend my life. He tells me Dad jokes and makes me coffee every morning.

My Philosophy…

I know in my bones that well-functioning relationships are the nest for all of us, for our children and our communities.  I thrive in the many grey layers of our human interaction, and the various flavors of every relationship inspire me.

I am told I have a loving and firm touch, and that I am like a nurturing and neutral aunt as I support my clients in their conversations and their growth. I use a lot of humour, a little sarcasm, much intuition, and my big heart in all of my coaching.

I believe wholeheartedly in human sustainability, brave communication and the power that lies in our exquisite love of ourselves.

My Training…

I began my schooling by pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and while I lost interest in its completion a few credits shy of finishing, I happily ran off with a associate degree in technical theatre that allowed me to order about actors and crew. Following a winding path from theatre to financial services to marketing, I went on, finally, to study with CTI and am now a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Facilitator for The Desire Map, and (non-therapeutic) Leader for The Gottman Institute’s Bringing Baby Home and Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work programs. I have been coaching for ten years and with an unquenchable thirst when it comes to my own learning and curiosity, I’ve recently begun as an apprentice with a shaman.


Alexa Cole

A bit about me…

I lead with a lot of trust. I find the more love I put out, the more I seem to get back. A Vermont native, I seek solace in nature and approach people with a “no bull-shit” attitude seeped in compassion.

My philosophy on relationships…

I started studying relationships when I was 8 years old and held family meetings every Sunday night around the kitchen table. Family, whether blood or chosen, is one of the most fertile grounds for deepening in our understanding of our relational patterns with partners and loved ones. I have lived with partners, with various family members, within community and alone. I am passionate about helping others create the best relationships, family, and community that works for them, and I am excited to be of service with Social Studio to do just that!

My training…

I earned a Master’s Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from Champlain College in Vermont, in which I learned how to always see two sides of any situation. I’ve always forged my own path in life and will encourage you to do the same. I have lived in multiple countries and created my own senior year high school curriculum and college degree from scratch. I have been running a group for Young Women Entrepreneurs for the past four years and run special events around creativity in the North Bay. I manage a team of 30 coaches and trainers at SNP Communications in San Francisco part time, coach with SNP, and run my own coaching consultancy.

I am certified by:

  • New Ventures West, Integral Coaching Principles
  • Cole Consulting LC, leadership coaching
  • Tracom Corp, Social Styles and Versatility: Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Difficult Conversations
  • New Israel Fund, facilitation

Jed Purses

A bit about me…

I am a coach, counselor, street counselor, husband, father, son, brother, uncle. I am a proud Cleveland, Ohio native and Bay Area resident since 2003. On weekends, I watch football, while geeking out on deconstructing gender, studying attachment theory, and obsessively trying to make the perfect pie crust and pizza dough. I am passionate about relationships and love. My wife and I host an ongoing dating event throughout the Bay Area designed to help people step beyond the ordinary rules and expectations of relating and into deeper levels of honesty, connection and play. 

My philosophy on relationships…

Love and relationships can offer some of the deepest and most fulfilling experiences. AND…for better or worse we live in a world where a tremendous amount of meaning is attached to our relationship status, the way we pursue love and what we desire. It can feel like a lot of pressure. No one can promise you’ll find the perfect partner(s) or relationship or love. Yet, in the absence of any guarantees its still completely worth pursuing. As your guide I will support you in 1) creating a clear vision of what you want, while 2) helping you experience uninhibited joy, deeper satisfaction and more freedom in your pursuit of what you desire. In the end, how you engage with the process of finding love often makes the biggest impact on achieving the result you wish for. 

The coaching relationship…

As a practitioner, my general approach is to NOT fix, solve, or offer advice, but to deepen our understanding of what is present in your life. Doing so often reveals the next natural step in your process. We’ll use the safe container of our relationship to play and experiment with each new step. I’ll guide as we work at your pace. 

Qualifications and Special Projects…

-5+ years working with individuals & groups as an experiential facilitator & counselor/coach

-M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy, Completion in 2018

-2 year comprehensive training in the Hakomi Method, a mindfulness and somatic based methodology. 

-B.A English, University of California Berkeley

-Ongoing weekend workshops in Diversity, Social Justice, Deep Democracy

-Co-Founder of Real Talk Events. An event company designed to inspire learning, and authentic connection about what it’s like to be alive in these times.

-500+ Hours Street Counseling on the Streets of San Francisco with a diverse client base.

When I think of people coaching with Lani, I big grin comes to my face. What a rare treasure and incredible coach she is. Lani packs wisdom way (way way way) beyond her years. When you coach with her, you feel her entire being present with you, her heart open to you, and her big, valuable toolbox of tricks and know-how available to you. There are lots of great coaches out there, but few who are so amazing at helping people triumph in the world of relationships and intimacy. Lani is worth every penny she charges and without question, her clients are some pretty lucky people.

R.C. Oakland, CA, Life Coach

I started receiving dating coaching from Lani in March of this year. By May I was actively dating, and by August I had a girlfriend. Lani's coaching worked... quickly. I really liked how Lani customized an approach to dating that worked for me. Her coaching made dating feel doable and possible for me to meet the kind of woman that I wanted to. Lani is super tuned-in to what is authentic and effective. She isn't cheesy but she certainly knows how to help with self-expression and the strong feelings that come up around relationships. She always seemed to get what I was talking about and where I was coming from.

A.K. Berkeley, CA Career Coach

"I came to Lani because I felt like I was missing something when it came to dating. After three months with her, I realized that what I was missing was my personal decision to get actively and creatively involved in life, like taking the extra initiative to find activities that sound cool, going out and meeting new people who seem interesting, taking good care of myself, and being more upfront and assertive with my feelings. And while I’m still figuring out all the ins and outs of dating, I feel that, after meeting Lani, I can approach it with greater confidence and sensibility.

R.S. Palo Alto, CA Graduate Student

Social Studio is a dating and relationship coaching company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are dedicated to helping our clients bring creativity to the world of relating and to find and design the relationships that they’re longing for. We have relationship coaches and dating coaches available in San Francisco, Mill Valley, and West Marin and we also serve clients all over the country and world via phone and Skype.  Lani Yadegar is the founder of Social Studio and is the head relationship and dating coach. She and her team look forward to helping you find and design a relationship that uniquely fits you!